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Jayna Hamel
Carol Harlow
Anne Hocutt

Adam & Jessica Horner
Paul Johnson
Nicole Kemp
Michael Keogh
Albert King
David Lafontant
Haley, Patrick, PJ, Andrea Lalka
Frank & Donna LaMetterey
Eleanor, Olivia LeClair
SangHie Lee
Tamara Li
Richard Lundahl
Betsy May

Dorothy McCutchen

James McKinney
Johnathon Mulder
Amy Paterson
Laura Pendleton
Steven Polk
Kim Quire

Brian Rainwater
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Michael Scarpone
Dorothy Schatzberg
Susan Scully
Robert Sprott
Daniel Taylor
RC & Mary Ann Tucker
Christa Vail 
George Western
Wilma & Jess Wiggins

Carol Barker
Diana Belcher
Carol Boulware
Steven Bratcher
Matthew Carmichael
David Chamberlin
Phil Channell
David Christensen
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Jay DeDon
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Johnathan French
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"Good luck in your endeavor!"

"Wishing you and the band all the best."

"Thanks for a great music education, Dr. Carmichael!"

"How could I not give back to the man who taught me so much?"

"Just a small token of my gratitude to Dr. Carmichael."

"Much success to the Florida Wind Band!"

"Long live Florida Wind Band."

"I want to see this organization thrive."

"Dr. Carmichael brings out the best in his bands."

"Love the concerts!"

"Best wishes to Dr. Carmichael and the Florida Wind Band."​here.

On May 2, 2017, the Florida Wind Band participated in Give Day Tampa Bay, a community wide online 24 hour fundraiser.  Over 500 nonprofits were represented in this year's event and over $1.7 million was donated by the Tampa Bay community.  We would like to thank the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for this opportunity and to express our appreciation to the Give Day donors listed below for their support of the Florida Wind Band.

The Florida Wind Band is always looking for corporate and individual support.
If you are able to help please contact us to volunteer or donate. 
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A professional wind band rewards listeners with excellent entertainment and content. Under the guidance of conductor, John C. Carmichael, Florida Wind Band is Tampa Bay's premier professional wind band.

Discover great music, great times and great friends!

Check our Concert Schedule for details and upcoming dates. Concerts are held in the University of South Florida School of Music Concert Hall. ​ Directions...

​​​Please join us for our next concert ​Sunday May 7, 2017

 A Program of Cinematic Masterpieces

Movie soundtracks are often in the background when the visual action becomes intense, yet it is the soundtrack that creates much of the feeling of that intensity. The Florida Wind Band pays homage to this important genre of music with a program of selections based upon some of the most well-known soundtracks from the past few decades.