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The American wind band is an integral part of the American culture. At one time touring professional bands, such as the Sousa Band, drew crowds far larger than for any other type of event. Recently there has been a new growth of community bands which provide an opportunity for many talented musicians to continue playing through their adulthood.

The Goldman Band continued as the only civilian professional wind band for many years but the demand for professional caliber wind music is growing. Professional bands have existed in the military for over a hundred years, and audiences have discovered that a professional wind band rewards listeners with excellent entertainment and content.

When John Carmichael arrived in Florida, it was his vision to establish a professional wind band. He believed that the Tampa Bay area is in the unique position of being able to support such an ensemble because of the number of professional musicians in the area and the potential for audience response.The FWB began in 2008, and has been delighting audiences ever since.

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