The Florida Wind Band is always looking for corporate and individual support.
If you are able to help please contact us to volunteer or donate. 
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The Florida Wind Band is dependent upon your support for continued existence.  Please consider patronage or sponsorship.

The following levels have been determined by the FWB Board of Directors:

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Associate Member

$250 and up

Beverly Boardman

Tim Beringer

Rich Lundahl

RC & Mary Ann Tucker

RJ Neale

Paul & Norris Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Don Welch

Supporting Member

$100 and up

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Port

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rezbek

Richard Dulton

Nancy Shield

Contributing Member

up to $100

Mark Guerard

Umesh Raturi, M.D.

Dan Heskett

Tampa Bay's premier professional wind band

Florida Wind Band


$2,500 and up

John & Alisa Carmichael


$1,000 and up

Mind's Eye Presentations, Inc.

Principal Chair

$500 and up

Bill & Nancy Hayden and Mildred Enchelmaier

   in memory of Norman Henry Cordes

Joseph Bodiford